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Weddings, events, dinners, lunches, parties, conference, seminar planning, exhibitions, projects launching.

Hospitals, universities, schools, banks, memorials and proms.

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Events Catering

Weddings, dinners, lunches, parties, conference, seminar planning, exhibitions, memorials, proms and projects launching.

Industrial Catering

Hospitals, universities, schools, petroleum companies, banks, govermental projects and grand openings.

Events Organization

Agreements with entertainment companies, wedding venues, birthday places, table and buffet floral arrangements.

Events Decoration

Seating, flowers, lighting, sound system, hosting and any other event requirement.

About Us

With a team of skilled and more than 20 years experienced staff, an International cuisine along with an impressive range of equipment, we can cater for a range of events. Gala was founded in summer 2011; our company is your key to all your successful occasions.

Under a professional team, the culinary staffs of The Gala Catering create diverse menu offerings, with an eye on appealing presentation, creativity and taste.

In addition, our team of professional events coordinators ensures that each step of the planning process is anxiety-free and executed to the client’s satisfaction.

We understand how important your event is to you, and we take pride in making the success of your party, luncheon and Especially your wedding.

From tasty appetizers to delicious full courses and delectable deserts, our catering services are exactly what you need to get your party started. The success of your party or event is important, and we strive to make it as memorable as possible for all of your guests.

Our specialized services are a perfect way to provide great food and drink as well as outstanding service without lifting a finger. If you're planning on hosting an event, give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

Our 850 m2 located in Hazmieh Caters and provides of bespoke catering, party planning and event management in Lebanon.

Whatever the occasion, we can provide our clients with a full or tailored service in both outside catering and event management. No matter how unusual the venue, we can provide the equipment and organise the catering and service to the last detail.

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Personal Hygiene

This SOP applies to all employees who handle, prepare, and serve food and to visitors. Many bacteria can be found on the human body, some of which can cause food poisoning. Wearing clean protective clothing and adopting good personal hygiene practices is of critical importance to food safety.


In our catering company, there's a term used to remind employees of a rotation method to maintain food quality: First In, First Out (FIFO). FIFO reminds our catering staff to rotate product as it comes in to assure food freshness. Our catering business produces a delicious and safe product consistently

Catering Consultancy

Our consultants have worked across many sectors and have significant experience of modelling and benchmarking catering operations.


We expect a consistent product from the vendors and other local suppliers each time, just as catering event coordinators expect it from us. There is accountability and culpability all along the production line from vendor to plate presentation. We hold our kitchen staff to a higher standard.


Training is a vital tool to produce a quality food product for our catering client. Our consistent training program will teach each staff member to produce the same product identically. If every staff member follows recipes and procedures, then they should be able to expect a consistent product every time.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Routine kitchen tasks can be critical to food safety, and contaminated surfaces and cloths are common causes of food poisoning. A well-organized kitchen helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination from foods, equipment, refuse and people.

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